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Paryushana Meals 2022 - Meals distribution unavailable in USA
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What we do

Paryushana Meals has been started with the intention of providing fresh and pure Jain meals to those who are willing but are unable to follow dietary restrictions during the auspcious "Paryushan Parv". Currently we offer this sevice in New York and New Jersey (at selected centers)



  • Thank you very much for such a great service of Paryushan Meals.. Its really great to sacrifice your personal Paryushan Vidhis and routine for serving the community. Hats off to each and every volunteer and thanks for all your efforts and time.. Without your service many ppl would have missed following Paryushan menu and doing minimum Chouvihar as well.. Once again Thank You..

    Hardik- Dimple- Arhat
  • A very Inspiration work & efforts by the whole team in providing a ture paryushan meals. Quality and quantity of food are blessing for all

    Rajesh Shah
  • Thank you for serving Paryushan meals , because of you guys me and all my Jain friends are able to follow Paryushan with such ease.

    S Shah
  • Thank you for serving students with such generosity and love.

    Karishma Doshi
  • I am from Surat and my son has gone to US before one month. I was wondering how he will follow paryushan there as they don't know to cook paryushan menu. I really appreciate your efforts. It's a great help to all jain students. Thank you so much for this facility.

    Bhairavi Shah
  • This is a religious service during Paryushan Parve that keep Labharthi a true Jain.. Tremendous planning with full dedications by donors and volunteers deserve our compliments and many thanks.

    Bharat Shah
  • Thank you for Amazing service...Hope it continue forever. Jai Jinendra , Om Arham

    Nikhil Baid
  • "This is realy great that you help us to maintain Dharma Aradhana during PARYUSHAN PARV"

    Hasmita Parikh
  • This Meals during Paryushan Parv inspire any Jain to stay on course to practice Jainism.

    Bharat C. Shah
  • Thank you for the amazing service you have provided to so many Jains across NY and the US.

  • Live and Let Live...This is the true example of unity in diversity. Thanks for making it possible everyone.

  • Thank you so much for making this possible.

    K Shah
  • This is truly a fantastic service! I really would like to donate to it if I could.

    P Shah
  • This is really great that you guys help us to maintain Dharma Aradhana during paryushan parv.

    M Shah
  • I really appreciated the midtown location. Made it every convenient to pick-up food

    Parsh Shah
  • This is truly a fantastic service! I really would like to donate to it if I could. I personally went to the 12th street location and every time I went, the volunteers were so nice and helpful! Everything was fantastic. The one and only suggestion I would have to improve this would be to add a vegan option if possible. Truly speaking, this is outstanding. Thank you so much for making this possible.

    Alok Lal
  • Great initiative and team work

    Krunal Shah
  • THANK YOU very much for providing these meals! They helped me observe Paryushan with a complete Jain diet. Thank you!

    Sunish Shah
  • This has once again been an excellent service. Thank you very much

    Monica Shah
  • Thank you so much. I just came to U.S a month ago. And for students like me, getting jain meals in paryushan is always a difficult task. We have to cook on our own which most of us do not know to. Thank you so much for your kind help to students like me. I really felt as if i was at home. The meal was very good. Thank you. Jai Jinendra.

    Saurabh Shah
  • This has once again been an excellent service. Thank you very much

    Monica Shah
  • This is an absolute awesome service during the holy festival of paryushan. I appreciate efforts and time of everyone who have participated in this event to make it a huge success. I have been receiving this service since last 2 years and I really appreciate those who are the plan makers for this event during paryushan. thanking you.

    Pratik Shah
  • I am very thankful to you for all the efforts you are taking for us.

    Nikita Shah
  • Thank you for providing us with this wonderful service. Quality and quantity of food, and the kindness of the volunteers really impressed me. Keep up the great work!

    kejal Kothari
  • Many many thanks for 'Paryushan Meals'. It was such a boon. My husband works in NY and usually comes home @ around 8:30pm. It would not have been possible to do Chauvihar during Paryushan without this great facility. In these times of rush and hectic lifestyle, it becomes difficult to stick to certain timings. Lots of Anumodna for people who volunteered to take out time out of their busy schedule to distribute food. We would be interested in similar kind of arrangement in future - be it Tithi days or so. And once again thanks for this wonderful arrangement.

    Purvi Mehta

Meals   Distribution (SINGAPORE)

We are glad to announce that Jain Sadharmiks in Singapore can avail of Jain Meals during Paryushan. Please call or write to us for further details:


437 Tanjong Katong Road,
12 Amber Garden Blk A #10-04 King Mansion.
Singapore, 437147

Tel : Manish Sheth : +659-634-0944

          Sonal Sheth : +659-643-9406

Pick Up Timing : 5.00 pm - 7.00 pm

Email :

Location: View on Map

Job Opportunities

We would like to help our community members who are looking for a job or a change of job.

Write in to us at with your Personal Details and the Kind of Job you are looking for. Please do attach your CV, also mention your Visa Status in USA in the email.

We shall pass on your resume within our community and help you find a job of your choice.

3143 John F Kennedy Blvd, 
Apt 401 Jersey City, 
NJ 07306

111 Hope Road,
Blairstown, NJ 07825.
Phone: (908) 362-9793 and (908) 362-5487
Fax: (908) 362-9649


Jain Center of NY
43-11 Ithaca St,
Queens, NY 11373, USA
Phone: +1 718-478-9141


Jain Center of America, Queens


Jain Temple of Franklin Township
111 Cedar Grove Ln;
Somerset, New Jersey 08873 
Phone, (973) 226-2539


Jain Temple of NY Corporation
27109 80th Ave,
Queens, NY 11040, USA
Phone: +1 718-470-0000